Medicinal crèmes, gels and ointments. This workshop will deal with the following topics: herbal and orthodox pharmacopoeia, chemistry of a plant, botanicals, how to use herbal infusions and powders in topical preparations, natural oils and waxes. We will talk about preservatives and formulations without any preservatives. We will be making ointments, medicinal gels, cream and balms.

Spa products. The workshop will cover the following topics: different types of spa, how to make all natural
no preservative spa products, how to make your products unique. We will be making a foot scrub, a body scrub, face cleansing and nourishing masks, and a body wrap.

Basic natural skin care. Topics covered at the workshop: definition of “natural” in skin care, natural active ingredients and preservatives (natural versus chemicals: parabens, geogard ultra, germal plus etc.), how to use natural waxes and oils for your natural skin care. Allergy tests, and irritation – how to prevent harm. We will be making a basic cream or lotion for sensitive skin: classic “cold” galenic cream, and natural gels as well as a lip balm.

Advanced skin care. The workshop will cover the following topics: understanding active ingredients and cosmeceuticals, usage of standardised botanicals and vitamins in skin preparations, how to insure that your active ingredients remain active in your products. We also discuss again the best preservatives for your preparations. We will be making facial crèmes and professional grade active masks.

All participants will be supplied with hand-outs that outline the topics covered at the workshop. Each participant will make one product and will have samples of all products made at the workshop.

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